juicingCan Juicing help you lose weight?

Juicing is one of the fastest and tastiest ways of getting all the healthy vitamins, minerals & antioxidants our bodies need. 

Whether its a healthy juice once a day to give you a much needed nutrient boost or you decide to go for a 5/7/10 or some have even done a 60 day reboot, juicing will certainly help you to lose weight, give you incredible energy and make you feel great. 

It is indeed possible to shed up to and even over 14lbs in just 10 days on a pure juice reboot. One of the many benefits to pure juicing is it puts little to no strain on the digestive system which means less work for your body to do, which leads to you absorbing more nutrients, having more energy and feeling clean and healthy.

When you set about your juicing challenge make sure you have the right equipment to do the job. This excellent juicer is great value for money and one we have previously used and recommended, however if you have a greater budget check this one out which is also on a great offer at the moment juicer.

With such an incredible selection of fruits and vegetables available there is no end of recipes and choice so you certainly will not get bored. Why not check out our (JUICE RECIPE) page to see if there are any there that you fancy trying. Each juice has its own benefits and on our (JUICE REBOOT/DIET) page you can see a recommended plan of action to give you at least a 5 day healthy juice reboot, making sure you get all the right nutrients to give you the best reboot possible. It will explain the fruit/vegetables ratio and also advise the best times of the day to have what juice.

There are many great documentaries out there to watch and follow to give you inspiration on your journey. One in particular was fat sick & nearly dead, Which may sound quite a harsh title but documents the 60 day journey of an Australian man who set out to transform his life, it was an incredible journey that touched and transformed the lives of many along the way.


We reboot ourselves completing at least a twice yearly juice reboots for 5 days and have even managed a 14 day reboot in the past. In our personal experience we find the five day reboot an excellent cleanse and a perfect nutrient boost to get us back on track and feeling healthier and cleaner. For the longer reboots be prepared for more of a challenge. It takes a little adapting to get used to not physically eating anything and the body takes a little while to acknowledge the meaning of true nutrient fullness, rather than being full from just volume of food. Once the first week is completed we found it a lot easy as the body has generally adapted by then and we certainly felt more alert and full of energy. There is a bit of preparation involved but certainly no more than your average diet plan or meal prep so dont be afraid to give it a go. Even if you are not ready to go fully into a juice only reboot, juicing can certainly help you to lose weight and vastly improve your diet. As for sustainability of weight loss well I guess thats down to the individual and how clean and healthy they eat after the reboot. We have noticed generally an increase in weight after as your body readjusts to breaking food types down again so dont expect this to be a long term miracle weight loss cure. Healthier options and regular exercise taken over long periods of time is what we recommend for consistent and sustainable weight loss, but, certainly for a much needed nutrient boost, juicing is a great option.