Simon Ainsworth

A little bit about me… I am a 40 year old male.. I’ve been overweight for sometime.. I used to play rugby, i know the theory of weight loss and 3 years ago lost 5 stone by myself and ran the Bournemouth bay 10k.

Essentially I have been to busy for the last few years and not motivated enough to train and get fit…
Why a personal trainer and why Paul??

Simple… A financial commitment works for me…. I don’t like to waste money and that is my baseline motivation. Why Paul?? 2 reasons initially.. Price and the fact that he has done it!!!

Paul was recommended to me by a really good mate and I knew after my initial consultation with him that he was the trainer for me!!!

Price very quickly became secondary to the tailored style that Paul adapts… Paul knows that he can find a warm dark place for his kettle bells but his style is awesome…. he makes you want to work… Its that simple… Encouragement and support are always there and he knows that by providing this as a matter of course the occasional prod that we all need has a real impact…

He is a very personable chap aswell and I would recommend that people alway remember that Paul’s knowledge and experience comes from a hard-fought personal battle that means he can and really does empathize with his clients and the journey they are on.

I have lost 2 stone pretty much so far….. I have hit a plateau at the moment and yet whilst I am not currently losing weight my fitness is increasing in leaps and bounds….

This is where Paul shines aswell. The help I am getting at the moment is not just a 2 dimensional exercise plan.. We are working on the whole package which includes exercise, weight loss, commitment and food and all the issues that a fast paced life might throw at someone to put a barrier in the way!!!

I can truly say that when Paul says witness the fitness once you get past the cheese of the statement itself then you will, you really will!!!!!