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Loose Weight and Feel Great

Your fat and you know you are.

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Linzi Jerrim

I am really enjoying the training with Paul, the rules are simple and easy to follow and he is always on hand if I am ever unsure about anything. He never pushes me further than he knows I can go and showed me I can definitely do more than I realised. I am losing...
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Simon Ainsworth

A little bit about me… I am a 40 year old male.. I’ve been overweight for sometime.. I used to play rugby, i know the theory of weight loss and 3 years ago lost 5 stone by myself and ran the Bournemouth bay 10k. Essentially I have been to busy for the last...
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Susan Owen

I began training to improve my fitness level for army selection. Although the first few sessions were tough I soon began to see results in my fitness level. Paul’s motivation kept me going through the tough times. I continually found my fitness improving which...
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Natalie Adamson

Paul Fitness Trainer has supported me through a challenging journey to improve my health, help me lose weight and feel better about myself. It took me a long time to pick up the courage to take the first step and make the consultation. Looking back now my only regret...
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